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HR Operations/Payroll Services


Resume review & candidate pre-screening

Our team of qualified sourcers identify the right talent for your open requirements through job boards, social media and other networking platforms and enable the appropriate pre-screen techniques to provide vetted candidate profiles for hiring consideration.

Compliance & Credentials
Management/Background Checks

Whether it's checking of credentials to ensure your workforce is compliant with the required regulations to be employed, or it's managing the various compliance requirements for hiring, or it's checking of backgrounds to ensure the talent you're hiring is screened and risk-free, our services around compliance management, credentialing and background checks allow you to ensure a hassle-free experience in managing your workforce.

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Employee Onboarding

Our onboarding specialists are at your disposal to align with your new hire onboarding practices and drive the end-to-end onboarding cycle from candidate engagement, to going over the onboarding paperwork, to validating the collected information and enabling appropriate storage of information.

Timesheet Management

Leave the hassles of managing attendance, leave rules, holiday pay, shift differentials and any other such activity impacting the timecards of your resources to our experts, who will ensure timely follow-up for timecard activity, approvals and validation of collected information in keeping with business and statutory rules, for proper computation of payroll and/or billing for their activity.

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HR & Payroll


Payrolling Solutions

Payroll Processing

Rely on our experts and our robust financial support system to drive your payrolling needs while ensuring compliance with the relevant federal and state statutory filing, reporting and taxation obligations.

Employee Life-Cycle Management

Starting from employee data management to ongoing updates and changes to employee information, performance management and policy governance, our team of HR experts can partner with your business stakeholders to manage the hire to retire lifecycle of your resources.

Employee Experience Management

Elevating the conventional HR experience of employees to an ongoing engagement that allows for proactive check-ins, customized support and handholding throughout one's journey, our team of employee engagement specialists work with you to understand your culture and organizational objectives to drive ongoing alignment and engagement through their interactions.

HR Analytics

Leverage our Reporting & Analytics experts to generate meaningful HR reports and analyses to help you with key decisions and insights around your workforce, its productivity, governance, cost, demographics, diversity and other such key factors that impact your business.