Pride BPO

RCM Services


Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management

Our team helps you manage patient appointments, ensuring timely scheduling and reducing no-shows.

Eligibility Verification

We verify patient insurance coverage, eligibility, and benefits, ensuring accurate billing and reducing claim denials. Pride BPO can remove that burden from your team allowing them to focus on patient experience instead of paperwork and ensure claim submission is not delayed.

Patient Registration/Demographics

We manage patient registration and demographic data, ensuring accurate billing and timely claims submission.

Case Studies

Revenue Cycle Management


Medical Coding

Our highly trained coders are trusted by leading healthcare organizations based on their ability to enhance accuracy, reduce reimbursement times, and prevent revenue leakage. Our coders receive specialty-specific training that ensures excellent quality levels and clean claim submissions.

Other Key Services

  • Charge Entry & Charge Audit

    We manage charge entry and audit processes, ensuring accurate billing and timely claims submission.

  • Remittance Processing

    We process remittance advice and EOBs, ensuring timely and accurate payment posting.

  • Credit Balance

    We manage credit balance accounts, ensuring timely and accurate refunds.

Denial Management

We manage claim denials and appeals, ensuring maximum reimbursement and reducing revenue loss. We will also provide the insights needed to identify the cause of denials so your organization can take corrective action to prevent future denials from happening.

AR Follow-Up

We takes a strategic approach to A/R to maximize cash acceleration and identify underpayment opportunities. We can help work through your A/R backlog and build a plan to help manage your current workload.